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WHAT: Best-practice DRs and other reports. HOW: Constructive CRC respects legislative and professional guidelines. WHY: Constructive CRC is passionate, experienced, and unbiased. RESULTS: We empower stakeholders to align developments’ needs and owners’ means

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Our thorough, detailed, effective and time-sensitive services are based on full disclosure and compliance with Government Regulations, to protect you and your assets. We adhere to best-practise Code of Ethics, Methodologies and Guidelines to ensure that our reports stand the test-of-time:

These Associations and Organisations provide the methodology, guidelines and standards we rely on:

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Our work engages with and is respectful of these trusted home owner’s advocacy groups, Property Manager Associations, Condo | Strata Related professional organizations and law institute:

depreciation report writer

Jean-François Proulx, M.Sc., CRP, RI

Certified Reserve-Fund Planner

Few professionals have worked as a trade, contractor and consultant to construction, engineering and appraisal firms – fostering and righting depreciation report divisions along the way.

J.-F. was preparing asset performance reviews and plans for his clients years ago. His condo | strata residential construction, remediation work, project management, and professional report writing have made him passionate about reserve fund planning.

He has conducted detailed inspections, visual assessments, and effective depreciation reports of bareland, leasehold, townhome, low-rise, apartment and high-rise developments. He has experienced major repairs and replacement projects as a strata council President for many years.

He was a keynote speaker on depreciation reports at PAMA/CHOA’s Buildex Vancouver seminar. J.-F. is active in REIC National’s CRP Task Force, and is going through the REIC’s Faculty training program to become a reserve fund planning certified teacher. He is a member of CHOA, CCI, BCBEC etc. and completes BCIT courses.

J.-F. believes that best-practice reserve fund planning can elevate all stakeholders’ standards and involvement, improve strata living, and lead to better personal and condo | strata financial decision-making.

Recent Developments and Resources

Why Are Depreciation Reports Crucial? October 25, 2017 - What costing and reporting are we to use for long-term planning? Too often renewal projects end up costing more or a different amount than anticipated. Some say that quotes, engineer reports, and/or maintenance plans are the closest we have to reality – and all that stakeholders need for long-term planning. Yet strata councils vary: some […]