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Fundamentals of Reserve Fund Planning

These articles – more in the pipeline | feel free to suggest topics – distill our years of construction, remediation, project management, strata-living and professional report writing experience. They succinctly share with you in-depth knowledge about what you need to know regarding condo | strata physical and financial issues. Most propose solutions to under-the-radar problems that affect strata living. Some discuss the timing and process of acquiring core-value and value-added reports etc.:

What are The Origins of Reserve Fund Planning?


What are Recent BC Legislative Changes that Affect Strata Living?


The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC)’s Certified Reserve Planner (CRP) Competencies


What we Look at and For During a Site-visit Inspection?


Why is Providing Unit Quantities and Realistic Costs Important?


What are the Construction Inflation Rate (CIR) and Interest Income Rate (IIR) to use?


How to Calculate the Interest Income Rate (IIR) for the Reserve Fund Investments?


What is the Difference between Assessments, Levies and Contributions?


Recent Developments and Resources