Frequently Answered Questions

37. What’s in a Name? Is my Unit | Development a Condo or a Strata?

Why do stakeholders use ‘condo’ and ‘strata’ interchangeably in BC when naming their units or developments?

Con means with, domus means house, and dominum  signifies ownership with others.

Stratum means stretched out or spread and strata means layers.

We chose to use Condo in our company name as we work with and for people.

BC established the Strata Titles Act in 1966, revised it as the Condominium Act in 1978, and then reverted to calling it the Strata Property Act in 1998.

The term has been extended to refer to townhome and bareland developments, with the word strata becoming a singular noun in the process.

A condo | strata is often thought of as a layered building, although a bareland strata is not layered at all.

In BC, legally, a development is a strata corporation, a unit is a strata lot, and owners share the responsibility for a development’s common assets.